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While the NY Times still refuses to do any investigative journalism regarding Barack Obama’s associations, they did allow an interesting Op-Ed to grace their paper today.

Again, Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim…Therefore, by Islamic law, Barack is a Muslim, who converted to Christianity. If Barack is the man who is going to be the great uniter, and truth-telling politician, why can’t he at least tell the truth about his own religious heritage? The fact that he was born Muslim should not be a big issue (other than the security threat, to him, that it poses-which is what this article addresses)……….but the fact that he is not proud enough to be honest about who he is, and where he came from, is unacceptable……

Funny, no word from Chris Matthew’s about this Op-Ed today……I mean, if McCain converted from being a Presbyterian to a Methodist………I’m sure Matthew’s would make it the lead story on Hardball…..questioning, “can McCain really be the President, we never knew he was a Presbyterian..this is a huge issue.”…………I’m sure Olbermann would have McCain listed as his “worst person of the day” for lying about his Presbyterian background….followed by Rachel Maddow commenting on how John Hagee probably had something to do with the conversion…..


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Predictably, MSNBC agrees….

Why wouldn’t MSNBC agree—it’s not like Keith Olbermann doesn’t bash McCain nightly, in his #3 countdown item…typically referencing John Hagee….while at the same time having Rachel Maddow, Richard Wolffe, Howard Fineman, and Eugene Robinson tell the viewers how the Rev Wright story is no longer an issue………..Or it’s not like Chris Matthews (while obama chill is running up his leg) doesn’t question McCain’s age several times weekly……..or let Obama, or Howard Dean, go unchallenged on the dishonest “100 year war” commercial of

Interesting, and convenient, theory by Obama.

Does anyone remember the NY Times smear piece against McCain a few months ago?….you know the article where the NYT implied, based on “anonymous sources” that there may be an implication that McCain maybe had an unsavory relationship with a female lobbyist, maybe…..the article was released a few days after McCain shored up the nomination……here it is:

I wonder if the New York Times will use such scrutiny to closely examine, and detail, Obama’s relationships with: Antoin Rezko, Nadhhami Auchi, Odinga, Rashid Khalid, Bill Ayers, Allison Davis, Mayor Richard Daley, Cook County President Todd Stroeger Jr., or his own half-brother Roy Obama… guess, probably not…….

Unlike the unfounded McCain article, all of the relationships, listed, are verifiable by non-anonymous sources……this type of real journalism is not acceptable at the times…….in fact, it’s probably viewed as racist.

Is it any wonder that MSNBC and the New York Times have just teamed up for a new political show:

I’m sure this show will continue to give McCain a “free pass”, while continuing to ask Obama the “tough questions”…….

….poor Barry


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