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Occasionally it is fun to post the comments of Obama supporters on this site, for everyone to see….I do this because I believe in the freedom of speech….unlike most Obama supporters I believe that all perspectives should be heard….I do not want Olbermann banned, as the Obamanites want Hannnity and Fox News banned….I want everyone to be heard…..So here you go….The comment below is tame by Obama supporter standards…..and it is completely lame by objective standards.

The Comment is from Obama Robot (Joe), in regards to my “Obama Says Media Is Giving McCain a Free Pass” posting.

Joe’s Comment:

“If only you could post anything remotely intelligent, this could be interesting. But you have nothing to support your argument rather than the typical attack the liberals argument.”

…..Keep in mind Joe provides no other detail, no link to his blog, just his name…courageous. Also, keep in mind, that my article is citing specific examples of media bias…i.e…my argument is supported by facts.



1. I am liberal-that is why I would like our media to be less biased towards one candidate….true liberals have open minds, and like to hear all perspectives..not just one.

2. my article (you know-the unintelligent one) is supported with facts—please point out something, I referenced, that is untrue. Your posting seems to be based on emotion, which you confuse with intelligence.

Based on your lack of tolerance for dissenting point of views, feelings of intellectual superiority, and emotional decision making—you must support Barack Obama.

It is quite interesting how so many people who consider themselves intellectually superior (as you apparently do) would support a candidate without doing any due-diligence on the candidate. I would challenge you to point to specific, and SIGNIFICANT, examples of CHANGE in Chicago, that were brought on by Barack Obama. I would challenge you to find times where Obama stood up to the status quo of the Chicago Political Machine. I would challenge you to point to specific neighborhoods in Chicago that have been changed by Barack Obama……I’m waiting….and so is the City of Chicago.


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