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Do you remember at the begining of the primary when obama referred to Obamicans?? Do you remember how cocky he was…..he would talk about these mythical people who would whisper to him…..”I’m a Republican, but I’m Voting for you”???

Do you remember Tom Brokaw, and predictably, the rest of the NBC/MSNBC stable trying to throw the OBAMICAN word around…..trying to convince everyone that there are all of these republicans who are going to vote for him??

Funny….you don’t hear much about Obamicans now….

Republicans may be unhappy with Bush…..In fact they may not like McCain…….But I don’t see this unhappiness turning to a full embrace of Obama’s socialism, and racial divisiveness…

This may be a close election……..maybe……but one thing is for sure……..That Obamican vote….No longer exists…..

It’s just eggheads (I reluctantly say eggheads, b/c that implies intelligence, which is clearly lacking) and African Americans for Barry….so much for Barry being the great unifier…..


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