The KOS kids that is…..

Famous Kos blogger….and Maddow group think partner…….Keith Olbermann……..also had quite a bit to do with the hire……..he humbly takes some of the credit in his most recent Kos blog post….

Also today…..Barry implies that Fox news is biased…..

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  1. chitown29 Says:

    Is that a woman?

  2. Yes, first name Rachel. Taking Abrams spot I think.

  3. I am offended by Andrea Mitchell and the horrific reporting she has displayed the last 48 – 76 hours. She is a flagrant partisan, incapable of presenting a newsworthy story that is balanced and fair. I am insulted. I am angry. And, I am now motivated to get involved in this Presidential election.

    Because she has been given the authority to hold a microphone and speak into a camera she feels she has the right to spew her left wing ideology without any attempt to present any appearance of fairness.

    “Only uneducated, female voters will be drawn to Sarah Palin, not those smart, college educated ones.” Andrea Mitchell

    Why does Andrea Mitchell have the right to assume my college degrees are not worthy of considering Sarah Palin for one of the highest offices in this country?

    Why would she insult millions of women that were less fortunate than myself, who were unable to attain a degree, by saying the only reason they will support Governor Palin is because they are uneducated? How ignorant. How insulting. How rude. What snobbery. That which she hates about the Republicans she expounds herself.

    And this is ok with MSNBC? You, and Andrea Mitchell, have lost my vote, and my viewing power, and my confidence. And what is most sad about the whole thing? You don’t care. How many times are you going to have to apologize to your viewers for this woman’s arrogance?


    A Woman With Four Degrees and voting for Palin

  4. margaret stephan Says:

    andrea mitchell has lost all credibility as a reporter. her comments belong on an editorial program. msnbc is loosing me because they cant make the distinction

  5. Anonymous Says:

    any person who is willing to put a nation in dire jeopardy simply because they allowed themselves to be manipulated by the media needs more than four degrees can offer – common sense. sarah palin is not qualified for this position.

  6. and obama is….that makes sense

    I’m glad you’re impressed by 10 years of doing nothing, other than collaborating with the most corrupt political machine in the country…

    do not use experience as your argument…especially to a Chicagoan…

  7. I LOVE Rachel! She’s not afraid to stand up to the extreme right-wingers who spew hate and rely on divisive politics. Remember, the Christian Right is neither!

    Obama/Biden ’08

  8. Alice Paul Says:

    “Only uneducated, female voters will be drawn to Sarah Palin, not those smart, college educated ones.” Andrea Mitchell

    Wake up call to “Sam” this is not a left wing talking point or position. This is an Axelrod astroturfing talking point and was used in the primary against other democrats. “She is not afraid” She’s no portrait in courage…she’s a party hack blabber mouth who belies her own lack of credibility and her own lack of principles.

    You know those voters Obama loves now in swing states? He used this very exact talking point against them in the primary. It was a lie then and it is now. However, they KNOW it is, it’s used to demoralize…it’s used to belittle so people will give up.

    It’s disgusting. Go read your Alinsky’s Rules for radicals and then go find out what tactics Axelrod uses.

    The entire meme is immoral and has NOTHING to do with “Peace”

    Until you know what you are talking about and until you realize your are using the opposite of what “liberal” means to defend your position, please consider not voting at all. You are so confused, I think you do not know what you are voting for.

  9. San Francisco Chris Says:

    Living in San Francisco, I can sure spot this stererotype a mile away. Just saw her tonight on MSNBC for the first time, and will never tune in again. This is one angry woman with a lifetime of chips on her shoulder. Ugly rhetoric. She was downright condescentding about taxes and tea. Maybe she needs to study history. Even if I were a lesbian, I would not watch her.

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