full story in the NY Times
My take….

All I can say about this, personally, is that the McCain/Clinton alliance is under-estimated and under-reported.

At this point…the most ardent McCain supporters I know….are the people who know Obama the best…..Chicago Democrats…..

Tonight I will be attending a debate watching party in Downtown Chicago…

At the party will be many Democrats and many Republicans…….many white people and many minorities….many straight people and many gay people……many rich people and many poor people….many young people and many old people…..

Don’t believe the media hype…..

McCain’s support is deep and diverse…..

It’s time to be proud of supporting the only candidate who has actually done something…..who has actually stood up to his own party……who has actually fought for his country…..

As a Chicagoan, I know just how little Obama has done….his former state senate district is a sad mess…..a downtrodden place, plagued with violence, drugs, slumlords, religious zealots, and political corruption…..

While it is true that Barack Obama did not create this mess…….it is also true that he has done nothing to stop it, fight for it, or bring national attention to it….

Again, do not believe the media hype…

Even more, do not let the media think for you….

Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, David Gergen, Wolf Blitzer, Roland Martin, Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, Campbell Brown, etc, etc….are out of touch dolts, who all went to the same 5 schools, go to the same parties, work out at the same gyms, drive the same types of cars, live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same churches and synagogues, read the same periodicals, go to the same websites, own the same stocks, have the same stock brokers, eat at the same restaurants, wear the same clothes, and date the same people…..is it any wonder they all think the same?…..

never once have they left their studios for the streets of the South side of Chicago…..Alaska, yes……Chicago, no (maybe the North side, or the Miracle Mile, but never Obama’s neighborhood)

why is this?

Do they not care about minorities being exploited, killed, and ignored?….

Do they really think a trooper being fired is more important than 123 people being slain to death, in a 6-mile radius, over a 3-month period this summer?

Do they really think a high school student (Bristol Palin) getting pregnant, is a bigger story than 27 school-children being killed in Chicago’s schools?

Do they really want to compare trooper gate to rezko gate?….I don’t think so….

So with 3-weeks left…..don’t just vote for John McCain…

Tell others you are voting for John McCain….

Don’t be afraid to say it out loud…

If someone wants to play the race card on you….just remember the stats……123 people (primarily minorities) died in Obama’s neighborhood this summer….27 Chicago public school children (primarily minorities) died last school year……..

unlike Senator Obama, you care about this, and want to bring attention to this….

to not do so……is racist…


  1. chitown29 Says:


    What a great post!! I love the pic of McCain and Clinton!

  2. I want to let everyone know that someone name “Brett” was leaving racist comments….which I do not tolerate…and I deleted them, the moment I saw them.

    By checking “Brett’s” IP address I tracked him to a democratic organization in Indianapolis, and he is actually a troll…

    Please note, as I have a full time job, I can not moderate comments in real-time.

    If racist, sexist, or just plain inappropriate comments are made, please report them to me via email snitchellreport@gmail.com, and I will delete them immediately….

    Thank You,

  3. McCain would much better off with Hillary. A center alliance instead of a setting of trenches.

  4. Scott Ferrarello Says:

    Of coarse ,cheap a** Obummer never chipped in.

  5. This is a much watch video on youtube. The October Surprise?

  6. Kudos to you for this blog. I started a humble little blog myself to share what I know (and of course think) with my liberal friends here in Minneapolis so I added a link to Chicagoans Against Obama this morning. Please keep up the good work!

  7. Scott: what I was saying is that I feel sorry when I see McCain trying to peace the lynching mobs (in which you appear to be included with your cheap insults), he deserved much better. But he’s responsible for his choices and for his campaign. Excessive polarization and spamming are bad for the country and both parts are definitely to blame.

  8. John,

    So does it bother you that Sandra Bernhardt said Palin would be gang-raped in NY? Do you blame Obama for that…

    Do you blame Obama for his followers calling anyone who opposes him a racist?

    Do you blame Obama for his followers making up stories about Sarah Palin’s daughter, and child w/ downs syndrome?

    Do you blame Obama for the 911 truthers that support him?

    Do you blame obama for the communists that support him?

    Do you blame Obama for the religious zealots that support him?

    Do you blame Obama for the radical islamic extremist groups that support him?

    Do you blame Obama for the anti-Semites who support him?

    My guess is…you don’t

    if you want to hold mccain accountable for a random scream in the audience…..you must hold Obama accountable for similar acts by his supporters….

    if you don’t…you have no agrument….

  9. Thank you Ray!!!! I love that comment you posted in response to John’s ignorant comment!!! And I wanted to also throw in there that I don’t understand how John gets the idea you’ve been throwing around cheap insults….I guess Obama supporters just can’t handle it when somebody states the facts about Obama….And it’s pretty sad that when somebody DOES state facts about him, they think you are insulting him LOL Yep, sad indeed when the facts about him are insulting…..he ought to be ashamed of himself!!

  10. Both sides have done bads things to each other. To me it’s just the usual political crap. I don’t understand the over emotional reaction to all of it.

    And you can not blame the candidate for some of their more crazy supporters. If that was the case, then I can blame Obama for that fire incident in Oregon.

    And by the way GREAT POST!!!

  11. Thank you Ray for this site. I live in Chicago and am fearing Ayers is ready to strike again, with our precious city being its first target. I am happy to know there are many in Chi town who are not supporting the CHOSEN ONE. I was beginning to think we were really few and far between. Friends and relatives still not on board. For the first time in my life, I am fearful as a citizen of this country, not because of Islamicists from foriegn countries, but from Obama and his surrogates/supporters/mentors/associates. If I speak of Obama, I call him Mr., not Senator, since he has not been one for us here in Illinois, yet he continues to collect his paycheck. P.S. I thought Rezko was going to blow the whistle on several others to lessen his sentence, although nothing has been said on that subject.

  12. Hey, I stumbled upon this blog by mistake, but found it very interesting. I often wondered how the citizens in Chicago felt about Obama (really felt). I know it was a turning point for me in this election process when I saw Obama’s district and the desperation that the folks there seem to have to endure. I’ll be checking back often. Quite a good post here! FYI: I am a Democrat in California who will be voting McCain.

  13. Great post. Thank you.

  14. - Obama’s campaign didn’t suggest gang-rapping Palin (Sandra Bernhardt is not Obama’s assistant); Palin explicitly suggested Obama’s a terrorist.

    - Yes.

    - Yes. He should reject it right away.

    - As far as I know, Philip J. Berg is suing Obama.

    - No, but I don’t blame McCain either for the fascists who support them, in fact I said McCain tried to calm things.

    - Yes, he should be even more explicit about letting religion out. And so I blame McCain for the religious zealots that support him and mostly I blame Palin for mixing politics with religion.

    - Prove it. No-one yet could.

    - anti-Semites on both sides. Both should stay away.

    You probably have one million reasons for not liking Obama and I respect it, even if I mostly don’t agree. I have one million reasons for not liking the Republican Party as it has been for the last 8 years and McCain is part of it (Palin I don’t even comment). I wished Hillary was the Democrats candidate, but she isn’t.

  15. I’m hoping for a respectful, decent and intelligent debate tonight.


  16. John,

    clarification-Palin did not say Obama is a terrorist…

    she said he pals around with one…it’s true….Bill Ayers…is a terrorist…they are friends….

    not to mention no one wants to bring up Rashid Khalidi

    Rashid Khalidi worked for the PLO…a designated terrorist organization….Obama and Khalidi are friends…

    I wish Hillary were the choice also, but she isn’t..

  17. I don’t understand why Americans are so blind at who would be in total control if Obama becomes Pres. I think of Pelosi and what’s going on in San Fran and I’m disgusted and sad. They would never be reigned in for their fraudulant dealings having to do with Fannie and Freddie. I wish McCain would tell America that he would bring them to justice and not let them get away with the crisis they have caused.

    It’s true that the Media has underplayed how many Hill supporters are for John McCain. My mother, who loves the Clintons, is very upset with Obama. She was actually going to stay home on Election Day but seems like she is going to vote for McCain. This comes as a surprise to me, she is a staunch Dem. and I’m positive there are many out there who feel the same way my mother does.

  18. Boxer Mum 06 Says:


    Thanks for a great site. I have lurked about on it frequently but have yet to post something.

    I’m a registered Democrat from PA. I have always voted for democrats. In fact, the last Presidental election, I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours to vote for Kerry.

    I could not understand how Republicans could blindly support and elect someone that clearly was not a great candidate simply because he was the Republican candidate. I do not understand how people vote party before country.

    What shocks me this election is that it appears the Democrats are doing exactly what they (as I did) detest the most in Republicans. They are now voting and supporting a candidate they know NOTHING about! This man has not been vetted and no one wants to talk about it.

    I have yet to read an Obama supporter who can clearly make the case on why this man should be President. I do not think running a campaign is experience enough to be President. But let’s look at this arguement. So, one can solicit money from any unnamed source, no paper trail just small bundles. Someone who agreed to take public financing but then switched. Someone that throws 3 or more times the amount of money at commercials. Has a ground crew that threatens, intimidates and silences the opposition. I have seen McCain signs ripped down throughout my neighborhood. Is this the CHANGE we want? I don’t want to live in a police state where freedom of speech is suppressed by thugs and don’t question authority.

    People need to wake up! This is not American Idol! John McCain is NOT George Bush!

    I hope that there are many others like me that are remaining silent and will speak their piece with their vote on November 4th.

    There is too much at stake to punish the entire country b/c the Republicans brought us Bush. Where will we be in 4 or 8 years if Obama is President? Will the country then turn on the Democrats and punish them?

    I too was a staunch Hillary supporter but she is not running, we have two choices Obama or McCain. The Zero or the Hero.

  19. Ray great site- Obama’s associations are beyond troubling, as each are anti-capitalism, anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Israel. The fact that the MSM has not demanded Obama’s collegiate transcripts, records, & thesis is reprehensible. Obama’s relationship with Odinga could be treasonous.

    Looks like most supporters are democrats on this site, I just wanted to say I usually vote republican. I was an econ major my dad was an economist and I have been an entrepreneur for 20 year and supply side economics and free markets is absolutely the only way to raise the standard of living for all poor and rich.

    Most democratic policies result in a regressive tax to the poor and ultimately benefit the rich because it raises the barriers to entry on a particular business thus reducing the new competitors, thus said business has greater pricing power, thus higher margins thus more profit.

    With that said I am pro gay marriage, pro choice, moderate gun control, pro environment, pro education investment. All of my republican friends have the same point of view and we don’t like the far right anymore than you do.

    We greatly believe in free market solutions for education and that the environmental movement will be beneficial to the economy and mankind.

    Bill Clinton definitely understood this but my party was ignorant and couldn’t drop the ego to figure it out. Although guys like Newt are starting to figure it out. FYI Kyoto would have been a disaster of epic proportions especially to lower income – something needs to be done and it must include China and India.

    The point to my post is that we need to work together rational democrats and rational republicans most of us in each party are not that far apart on key issues and the extremes of our parties have taken too much destructive power and divided us.

  20. Jones,

    Thank you for the post.


    The purpose of my blog is to do just what you proposed…

    Thank you for visiting, and I hope you continue to contribute…..

  21. This is an awesome website! Finally, intelligent discussions. I was a die hard republican during the Reagan years, however, I have not voted republican since then, that is until now. I am also one who falls into the moderate middle ground. Maybe it’s time for Americans to start another party for the middle of the road democrats and republicans. I for one, would love to join that group. Thank you for your website. It is truly refreshing.

  22. [...] Chicagoans Against Obama: Hillary Supporters Raise $8 Million For McCain/Palin.   [...]

  23. I am a conservative, but respect what you are trying to do to put the country before politics. I did not vote for McCain in the primaries, but did already in the general. I’ve been all around the internet connecting with various groups. I think these McCain/Hillary alliance is way deeper than anyone understands. This gives me such hope to defeat the radical Obama. Thank you for your role in it.

  24. What is most bizzare to me is that the one person, Sen Obama along with the dems who is most responsible for the unraveling of the stock market due to the failure of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are poised to be rewarded for malfeasance in office. Thanks to the MSM the people do not know this. If they did all of them would be in the unemployment line. Follow the trail:
    1995 >> Obama & other attorneys sue Citibank in Chicago for discrimination in lending to minoritiies in federal court.
    1998 >> Won case. Bank enters into consent decree capitulaing in giving loans to some non-credit worthy borrowers.
    1999 >> Clinton admin works with banks to come into compliance under consent decree.
    After 1999 >> Program expanded and unsound loans underwritten by FM & FM
    2003 .. Problems discovered in FM & FM. Dems stopped attempts to fix problems.
    2005 >> Mc Cain introduced legislation to fix problem, dems objected, problem grew.
    After 2005 Problem exploded causing massive damage to stock market and economy.
    See links below:

    Please pay particular attention to the video labeled (a) House of Lies: Covering Your Fannie,. Who Really Caused our Economic Crisis and (b) Democrats in Their Own Words Covering Up FM & FM.



  25. http://www.teamsarah.org/
    help defeat obama and his cheating friends a.c.o.r.n

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