Listen closely…..

This woman is inspired…why?…

Is it because Obama spoke about creating more small businesses…more jobs…or winning in Iraq or Afghanistan…..


She’s inspired because Obama is going to pay her mortgage and gas bills…

(H/T Uppity)

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  1. Our country has gone to the dogs if this man is elected. Please wakeup America, idiots like this woman think that the government is going to take care of them. Personal responsibility is important, get out and work and earn what you have. Obama doesn’t help his relatives with anything, he won’t help you. He wants the cake and he’ll throw a few crumbs to you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You are so ignorant to think that if that man is elected ! Is it because he’s black ? I think so!

  2. Politics aside- American needs only the truth- un-abridged, unadultered-

    Let the rest of the world watch this video

    Buzz it up


  3. Where’s my check Obama

  4. Yeah Yeah I promise you a turkey in every pot for Thanksgiving and a $1000 dollar check after April 09.
    Come on Really ??????

    I got an ocean beachside house in Arizonia to sell you and I’ll even have the Government pay the mortgage on it , just vote for me!

  5. Henrietta Says:

    Okay BO is going to take money from the rich and pay everyones mortgage and bills.. Well after the money from the rich is used up… where will he get the money for more bills and mortgages for people who are up and coming??? After all – if there is no more rich.. then who will flip the bill… there will be no one to lend money too (’cause no money) Electric, Gas, phone companies.. can’t give us power, heat for phones, theres no one to pay nor work for them. Who would work for someone when you can’t make any money at it????? everything Government owned?? Great, next we’ll have cameras in our houses so they know how much heat, food and gas we use…. sounds more and more like Marxisim to me….

  6. angrynana Says:

    Please check this out. It is long, but you can pick your obama poison.


  7. That Logistcsmonster has really put it all together connected all the dots and liad it out historically accurate lately.

    The Democratic Party has been hijacked by Socailist / Marxist / the old SDS. Most longtime Demacrats voters do not know it , are not aware of it and are being hoodwinked and are about to be blindsided.

  8. chitown29 Says:

    It has come to a point where all I can say is he and everyone who is supporting him is sickening. I believe if you are supporting BO after everything that has come out about him you must be Mentally ill.

  9. ChicagoBlood Says:


    Somebody please explain why the Obama campaign is doing this?

  10. Obama always seems to let you know how things are or how they are going to be. For example, if he doesn’t win, there will be race riots (advance planning). He let the super-delegates know that if they did not support him, they would not get funding for their campaigns (he controls the purse strings of the DNC), or maybe even be killed like Rep. Gwathey in AK before the Denver convention. Perhaps that is a stretch, but somehow I always felt it no coincidence that an avid Hillary Clinton supporter was murdered right before the convention. Maybe he was “sending a message” like the Godfather. He is now letting journalists know (as did George W.) that they better fall in line and not print or say anything against him, or else they will be out of favor. He doesn’t just tell them this, he shows them in no uncertain terms what an Obama presidency will be like for those who do not say only favorable things. Unfortunately, after Nov. 4, it may/will only get worse.

  11. [...] any Obama supporter think Obama is going to pay your gas and mortgage bills? HOPE: OBAMA WILL PAY MY MORTGAGE AND GAS BILLS Chicagoans Against Obama YouTube – Modest Expectations From An Obama Supporter __________________ Check out this [...]

  12. ltlgeneral64 Says:

    The number one reason to vote McCain/Palin…

  13. Gingersnap Says:

    Sweet Jesus! Honey, Obama isn’t going to help you, someone who worked hard for that money is going to have it taken away and given to people like you who have no work ethic!

    Please feel free to slap yourself in the face and WAKEUP!

    “Use your brain – Vote McCain!”

  14. BO supporters: YOU NEED HELP. I truly do believe that if you are voting for Barack, you are mentally ill, or at least below average intelligence. Seriously. This is not a game show or an Amazing Race. I can almost understand blacks voting for him. It IS about race for them. They can forgive the Marxism because it is all emotional for them at this point. But, have they thought of this: who on earth will you blame when HE lets you down? People, please….Obama doesn’t care about you, Oprah doesn’t care about you, Reverend Wright doesn’t care about you (nor does he care about Obama or Oprah!!)…you are simply a means to an end for these people. You are trading freedom for vending machine snacks…think about it.

  15. RobertInTheSouth Says:

    I called the LA times demanding the release the video with Obama and Rashid Khalidi.

    I can’t believe the mainstream media is in the tank so bad for this guy.

    I’ve never feared for my nation like I have now concerning this election.

  16. TexanLadyforMcCain Says:

    One more comment.

    I used to live in Atlanta.
    I had a friend who bought an apartment complex.
    He found that a homeless couple were living in his dumpster behind the complex. SAD – I KNOW… RIGHT…
    Being the kind of person he was, he told the couple that he would give them an apartment, pay all utilities and give them enough of a salary to provide three square meals a day, if they would just pick up the parking lot and remove small debris from the grounds twice daily.

    They agreed and worked for him for a total of three weeks.
    On a monday of the fourth week, he noticed that they had not come by the office to get a cup of coffee or danishes (which he readily supplied as well).

    He found them back in the dumpster.
    They said it was just easier.

    Now I am not saying that all homeless people are like this, some of them genuinely have had some hardship that drove them to where they are, perhaps the loss of a loved one, or a divorce that was unbearable, or even a drinking problem,
    But there are these people who would rather live in a dumpster, or leech off of others and take a handout – then put up as small of an effort as to simply pick up a parking lot twice a day.

    Is this who I want my taxpayer money going to?

    I dont think so.

    VOTE McCAIN – he will enable those who want to move up – the ability to do so!

  17. goodtimepolitics Says:

    The AP is reporting that Obama’s Aunt is living in America illegally and in public housing! Yes thats what they said “illegally”!


  18. Obama says ” I am not a socialist , you people are selfish”
    Obama would call JFK selfish on JFK’s Tax cut

    Socialism Biden that’s Malarkey come people it is time to be Patriotic

    Selfish ? OK Obama how about your aunt and your half brother George Obama you want to talk about selfish . Un Frikin Believable!!! AUHGGGG!!

  19. Jesus said ” Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasars”
    OK I can deal with that to an extent
    Obama the Messiah says ” Give unto me what is yours and I’ll redistrubute it , otherwise you are just being selfish.”
    Sorry Obama no I do not think so, no no and no matter how many negatives I use it is still NO! Obama!

  20. I saw Tito the Builder that night…WOW! How cool was that…and the shades…”to intimidate Colmes”….awesome…I love America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks ChicagoBlood and George….rock on

  21. IF Obama gets elected, I will not have a job once his new tax plan goes into effect. I guess I will have to live off of other peoples wealth? I dont think so. I work hard for what I have, I am not willing to just give my money away. I will give to charity on my terms, not forcably under the dictatorship of this man.

  22. Yeah, BO is going to take care of this woman just like he takes care of his auntie in Boston and his bro living in the hut in Kenya. Inspiring!

  23. NetherLands Says:

    Auntie is an illegal alien, donating to BO

    Also ‘fun’: Blue Dog Democratic moderates say Obama can’t possibly make his plans come true with the current budget

  24. This is ridiculous. You create a mortgage, then you are responisble for it, not Obama or Mccain. Grow up lady! I am so sick of Obama supporters believing that this man is going to pay their mortgage, gas, and give them money. When they realize that he can’t do this, these people (like this lady) are going to be his WORST CRITIC.

  25. this is the funniest website in the world. have you ever actually looked at both economic policies, put in your income and figured out where you stand? you want to bash obama for what one person at a rally says? what about the events for palin. people saying if BO is elected, the “coloreds” will take office. people calling obama supporters communist faggots. mccain is losing because he has bad ideas, picked a dud in palin, who is an idiot. you are just a bunch of conspiracy theorists. i was alive during the mccarthy era, and this is how it started, albeit not on the internet. it’s also startling that you never mention any of the seedy associations/decisions made by mccain/palin. liddy, keating, iran contra, the alaska independence party, etc.

  26. The above comment from “the best” is not indicative of having a brain.
    OF course, people think Obama is the messiah and he will save them.
    My own brother, who teaches at Loyola in Chicago has been brainwashed by the liberal left-wingers. Obama is a socialist, make no mistake about it!

  27. with regards to my brain, i’d be happy to direct you to the university of stanford for my transcripts. or maybe we can swap w-2′s. i’m sure marie you didn’t even know what socialism was before that twat palin mentioned it. or was that joe the plumber, who isn’t a plumber and who’s name isn’t joe. as for “left-wingers”, you shitheads got us into 2 wars and a crippling financial crisis. let’s see what else…. spying, lying, torture, record job losses, need i go on. do you realize we already re-distribute wealth? under john mccain’s plan, he and the bimbo cindy will get an additional 720k… isn’t that re-distribution? that’s what the progressive tax system does. that’s the problem with you people. you don’t think, you just throw out labels, when you have no fundamental understanding of the issues. do you really think warren buffett and the ceo of google would vote for a socialist? ru kidding me? is this the best you have. maybe you all should get a life so you have less time trolling hate sites to smear someone.

  28. The best…

    FYI….it’s Stanford University…not university of stanford…

    go home…you simpleton

  29. good comeback ray.. did you get beat up alot growing up… pretty sure that’s affirmative. pretty telling you didn’t respond to anything other than that. just more insults, as usual…

  30. the best obviously has a very small penis.

    the end

  31. not what your mom thinks.. although your the only guy on here that has seen your dad’s…. you guys really react well to tough questions. just like to 2 asshats on the red ticket… btw if you’d like to meet in person to discuss, just let me know…

  32. wcharlson Says:

    Obama, Oprah, Oj, Osama; are we seeing a pattern here? Say No to the O’s.

  33. onthestump Says:

    wcharison…. all those o’s are either black or muslim… any coincidence? good thing for you that you had your KKK uniform, means you saved some money on a halloween costume. that’s why i’m pro-choice, so that moms like yours could have saved the world by aborting a stain like you….

  34. Well I sure as hell know I ain’t sending my chilren to the the university of stanford. Obviously another brainwash mill like Yale and Haavaaad. Of course they would never meet the the criterea “the best” has.. AAA+ plust affirnative aktion status, I assume…

  35. onthestump Says:

    i would like to suggest a new blog. chicago against president obama. a place for all of you whiny right wing thugs to bitch and moan… oh you poor people… love watching you guys self destruct. all the angst… all the drama… it’s quite enjoyable. wonder what mcfailin will do? maybe find another rich whore to marry??? or possibly align himself with another wall street stud to rob main street? maybe he’ll finally come out of the closet and propose to his new role model joe the douche bag… bad pilots make bad presidents…

  36. ChicagoBlood Says:


    I back your complaint on wcharlson’s post which strikes me as race-baiting B.S.

    As far as President Obama, we still have a couple of days to go to determine that unless of course you got the inside from ACORN.

    “a place for all of you whiny right wing thugs to bitch and moan”

    Whiney right wing thug….me?

    Nah, not me. I’m not into thugging people and as far as being a member of the KKK, no, they hate my demographic with as much venom.

    I don’t bitch and whine when things don’t go my way. I see myself (however rightly or wrongly) as more like that guy in the yellow vest you see at a construction site and he is frantically waving that funny little red flag while you’re putting your foot down harder on the accelerator and getting pissed at him.

    Whatever happens will happen and I can rest with the knowledge that I voiced my concerns to the dangers I saw. You make your choice and as it has been said before, you get the government you deserve and I would add to this the ages old adage, careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    The rest of your second post?


    Is that your perspective on “hope and change”? If so, you aren’t doing your candidates any good. And if you went to this extreme just to meet hate with hate you have done nothing more than sink into the ooze and slime yourself. Far more constructive and effective ways to debate a point or world-view than this. I really don’t believe MLK would respond in the fashion you have here.

    “or possibly align himself with another wall street stud to rob main street”?

    Who is this, that guy who ran Lehman Brothers among others? Just curious.

    “that’s why i’m pro-choice, so that moms like yours could have saved the world by aborting a stain like you….”

    Interesting and revealing comment, and just curious;

    What do mean (please be specific) by “arborting a stain like you”?

    I’m looking forward to hearing you elaborate on your narrative of “hope and change.”

  37. onthestump Says:

    concerned new yorker,

    question for you. have you actually downloaded and read both candidates tax plans? the financial conditions today, in terms of wealth disparity are the worst since the depression.. any coincidence? everyone on this forum makes it seem like every black person is a lazy welfare slug, who doesn’t want to work. do you know how many white americans are on welfare? do you think it’s fair that the CEO of lehman brothers made over 450 million in the last 10 years. he was directly responsible for the destruction of that company. does he deserve more tax breaks? what about all of those employees. office workers, sales people, etc. under mccain’s plan, they get no tax cuts, just the rich. it goes both ways. i’ve said it before. do you really think warren buffett, the greatest investor of all time, would endorse obama if he thought obama was a socialist or communist? it’s crazy.

  38. Concerned New Yorker Says:

    onethestump. You can feed off extremes. Of course 450MM is excessive yet we are speaking about 150-200K depending on if its Obama or his goofie running mate Biden being the cap between rich and poor. This country was built on enterpeurial spirit and not on handouts. If you want to play Robin Hood to feed the poor (many of which are lazy), you will drive away the spirit of 1776 and become something in the form of Europe/Russia. I am not signing up for it.

    Now regarding racism – Interestingly all blacks are expected to vote Obama (that is not considered racism) yet whites voting McCain are viewed as racists. Frankly, I don’t care if the color is yellow, purple or green, I like people that have a proven track record and consistency, with an ability to create a fair, common platform for this country. Obama is extreme and so are his buddies. In the absence of true accomplishment of this Harvard graduate I opt to take caution in his affiliations – Wright, Ayers, Farrakhan, Rezko, Khalidi, and other communist forces.

    I know McCain for good or for bad and he has shown courage and commitment to the country. I agree that Palin is limited in her capacity to run the country. I can say the same for Obama. Biden is a goofie tag along which is not of interest in the debate.

  39. Concerned New Yorker Says:

    One last comment re Video – there are a bunch of people voting (as directed by ACORN) in order to get a handout. Lookout for some chaos if they dont get it. Gotta love their upbringing.

  40. onthestump Says:

    concerned new yorker,

    it’s amazing how you know so many poor people to conclude that most of them are lazy. your ignorance is staggering. i also know that you are not a solider. that’s despicable to lie about something like that.

  41. What a surprise… more of those ‘Higher Educated’ Voters for Obama.

    I can’t wait for Nov. 5, when the ‘Gravy Train’ gets derailed. Everyone … Hide your Bean Bag Chairs… they seem to have been a HOT ITEM during the LA riots.

  42. onthestump Says:

    nice cate. love the thinly veiled race baiting. why don’t you move to an all white nation. or maybe even better go up to an african american and call him the N word to his face. maybe after you get you teeth knocked out, you’ll think twice. fucking coward.

  43. Get a sense of humor.. dude. Chicks like that.

  44. got a sense of humor. And a hot wife. Why don’t u go back the the trailer park and fuck your first cousin.

  45. Well then have her refill your Cheeto bowl, and get you another Diet Pepsi.

  46. Have a nice night

  47. What’s truly scary is….this woman believes this, and so many out there believe the same thing. They believe this man is the next coming, and can walk on water. It’s sad.

    The scary part is…and I’ve thought of this often. This woman just made me want to post. It’s possible, that in Obama’s warped mind, he’ll try to take Socialism, into the next realm, ala Chavez….and make everyone’s property, part of the government. Some of us might have to move, if one of his chose decides they like your house better.

  48. Concerned New Yorker Says:

    onthestump – I am a soldier and proud of it. I assure you most of my buddies will note vote Obama. We are too smart to do that.

    Playing the arrogant card by sole virtue of education and excessive liberalism is weak. I have a double major and an MBA and I don’t try to diminish others because of education.

    Haven’t you learned that the smartest people do not go to Ivy league schools. Look at Wall St – Dumbass !

    Lastly, stop raising the race card. It is getting old.

    Cate – have a great evening.

  49. Aw, Thank you! You have a great day! Its going to be 74º today. That’s enough to cheer anyone up. Well… maybe some people. :)

  50. ChicagoBlood Says:


    “do you think it’s fair that the CEO of lehman brothers made over 450 million in the last 10 years. he was directly responsible for the destruction of that company.”

    I would add to this Harold Raines who made 90 mill over 6 years after destroying that company.

    And who are these guys working for now?

  51. ChicagoBlood Says:

    “…after destroying that company.”

    In regards to my post above, a clarification;

    after destroying Fannie Mae.

  52. ChicagoBlood Says:

    And I ask again;

    Who are these working for now?

  53. onthestump Says:

    I’ll respond to several of the mentally challenged here. Obama met Raines 1 time. Rick Davis was getting paid by them until august as a lobbyist. Once again you shitbirds don’t know the facts. Concerned New yorker, you are clearly not a solider. Never were. Stop spreading your lies. Chicago Blood, do you believe everything you read? Oh, wait, you can’t read. Do you all live in the same trailer park?

  54. ChicagoBlood Says:


    I conceed your point after researching it however I assure you that I can read;




    Just a few credible facts.

    All of which are good enough reasons NOT to re-elect this current Congress and would call into serious question the judgement of those who would support their re-election.

    On another topic, on one post above you took it to Concerned New Yorker when you said;

    “it’s amazing how you know so many poor people to conclude that most of them are lazy.”

    I commend you, onethestump, you demonstrate a heroic sensitivity and defense of the poor and downtrodden.

    In your last thread you asked;

    “Oh, wait, you can’t read. Do you all live in the same trailer park?”

    I’m assuming by your question that people who live in trailer parks can’t read or worse.

    I’ve know and have known quite a few people (white and black) who can’t afford to own their own home so they live in trailer parks.

    The same kind of people who were taken advantage of by the predatory practices of companies shielded by the ruling Democrats from President Bush’s attempted regulation and which Senator McCain warned about;


    Could you explain your question regarding trailer parks a little more in detail?

    It sounded like you were getting at a prejudicial stereotype of people who live in trailer parks (many of whom may indeed be voting for Senator Obama).

    As you are an agent of the promised “hope and change,” I was wondering if you could clarify that question.

  55. ChicagoBlood Says:

    And what is this thing you guys have with the “mentally challenged”?

    You haven’t let go of it since you started in on Baby Trig.

  56. landofmilkandhoney Says:

    You damned intolerant liberals!!! I’ve grown to detest your old ‘catch-all’ phrase of anything you disagree with as “hate speech.” It amounts to nothing more than what could also be considered a thought crime. I’ve noticed that any white, heterosexual, Christian, outspoken patriots have become reviled by most of the pascifist people who have been spoon-fed by the leftist/liberal media propaganda. I’m tired of the left spewing anything and everything, no matter how much of a lie they are promoting; no matter how much they try to push lifestyles upon us which we feel are wrong; no matter how often they decry praying or Christianity in the public square; no matter how much they say they are “tolerant,” when we are literally hated and muffled more times than not. Tolerance is an oxymoron with you people. Political correctness has destroyed this once great republic (not a DEMOCRACY). I’ve never seen a tolerant liberal; liberals detest Christians, pro-lifers and all that has made America great.
    Keep your propaganda in Kalifornia(yeah, that state’s in fine shape!) We don’t need your propaganda unless you are willing to speak truth. The problem is, you don’t have enough guts to do so. Rest assured – your inane voting for a obviously socialist candidate, you will get what you all SO deserve!

  57. satanic communist jews using blacks as cultural and biological weapons of mass destruction……nothing new here.

  58. test… BEAN BAG CHAIR … end of test.


  59. wow there is a lot of hate in here…

  60. [...] Pay My Mortgage because I’m too lazy and irresponsible [...]

  61. I think those who voted for BO will get what they desire. For too long Americans have done what their told. Little by little freedoms are being taken away. I think time will tell. Just hold on to your Faith. Get on your knees and pray. If we talk less and strive to live the holy life our world will be changed. I am confident of this. Speak up for truth but do it in a kind way. No one has ever been swayed by anger and hate.

  62. She’s not saying Obama is going to pay her bills. She said she won’t have to worry about paying her bills if Obama wins. WHY you ask. Because Obama will turn the economy around, so EVERYONE will no longer have to worry about their mortgage or paying for gas because EVERYONE will have plenty of money to do so with their good jobs. Sound bites are retarded.

  63. The reason it’s called hate speak, is because that’s what it is… (referring to hate-filled, angry post above). If you want to have a dialogue like adults…then drop the h8erade, and debate your opinion… Calling liberals Obots, idiots, and espousing nothing but hatred…well..get ready to be called out.

    If however you have a grown-up opinion, then state it like a grown-up. Liberals have a right to call you out when you behave like that. Sorry, but that’s what it is.

    I may not agree with you, them, or the other, but getting on these blogs and anonymously ripping someone an ass…well..it’s a waste of time my friend…

    Debating the virtues of liberalism vs. conservatism can be a healthy debate if done by grown ups in a mature calm fashion…but too often it turns into hateful name calling and vile…that’s when it becomes useless.

    You see my friend, we are a balance of socialism and capitalism. We have social security, medicare, medicaid, and bailout programs for Wall Street. All are forms of redistributing wealth depending upon our country’s needs at the moment. And each has a place. To what degree and how it’s administered is to be debated, but to say that we do away with social programs and liberalism all together would be irresponsible, because it teaches us like our parents have always taught me (in church and at home) to share your toys…

    Now are we supposed to share or not? Are we supposed to set up an economic system whereby the rich can get all that they want, and the few that are able to get around the system can join them? Or, do we set up a system that allows for people to sit on their butts and do nothing while the rich feed them? No, neither would be acceptable in this great nation. instead we must balance the two.

    And in this election, many business owners and Republicans like me, looked around and saw we need someone who will bring the scales back towards the middle. And it wasn’t just me… Warren Buffett even agreed…

    I don’t think anyone that has taken time to learn about Barack’s plan for American for one moment thinks he’s going to support a lazy tired old America…but we believe he will re-distribute some of that wealth that has so eagerly flowed upwards over the past 8 years…

    But, time will tell. Now, see how I made my point without calling anyone an idiot or dolt, or dumbass? It’s possible…you have to have the right people to debate though… I accept the viewpoints of liberals, and conservatives, and somewhere in the middle is where our Country seems to thrive the best…

    peace, love, and this great country will once again shine throughout the world as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world to use as a yardstick by which to measure their own success.

  64. The lady said, “… I won’t have to WORRY about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to WORRY about paying my mortgage…” She did not say or imply that President Elect Obama will pay her gas bills and mortgage as you’ve reported. You have falsely accused this woman. That is not right (see 2 Timothy 3:3)

  65. [...] To think about Bill Buckley’s achievements is to confront a paralyzing cataract of possibilities. He did, he wrote, he instigated so much. Where does one begin? (Or, perhaps more to the point, how does one end?) It would be interesting indeed to have the benefit of his counsel at this piquant moment in the history of the American republic. What would he have had to say about our current economic adventures? About Barack Obama? About The Surge in Iraq? The saber rattling from Russia? The prospect of the US Government “bailing out” Citigroup, GM, Ford, AIG, Goldman Sachs, the lady with a mortgage and a gas tank to fill? [...]

  66. [...] the wealth” so they can get free healthcare…a free college education…and even have their mortgage and gas bills taken care of by Obama seem to me to have voted based on a  ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality that is  [...]

  67. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Says:

    This Peggy person is a typical nigger who expects others to pay her expenses for her. She’s a foodstamp welfare ape.

  68. ChicagoBlood Says:

    alphebet imposter said;

    “This Peggy person is a typical nigger who expects others to pay her expenses for her. She’s a foodstamp welfare ape.”

    Spoken like a true brain dead idiot.


    Nothing more to be said.

    Crawl back under your rock.

  69. ChicagoBlood Says:

    The problem isn’t with Peggy, it is with those who would lie and delude her in order to achieve her vote.

    And then hoist her up and play her as a martyr for racist vitriol.

    When I see this vid of Peggy, I see a typical working American desparately seeking a hand up to help up over rising waters. She doesn’t express it very well or clearly but those in the same boat recognize the sentiment and hope.

  70. [...] I’m talking about the people out there that just gobble down all the information the media spits out. The media is liberally biased so the uneducated, generally poorer people,  just take what they say as the truth and follow them blindly.  This section also goes for the people with HUGE misconceptions of what the president can and will do. A lot like this women here who believes that she won’t have to pay her mortgage or gas bill anymore(http://chicagoagainstobama.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/hope-obama-will-pay-my-mortgage-and-pay-for-my-g…). [...]

  71. You morons! This woman didn’t mean that Obama was going to personally pay for her mortgage or gas for her car…….she just means with him in office, she will have more money in her pocket to do these things…..with tax breaks and more jobs. Get a fucking clue idiots! Your as bad as Fox News when it comes to twisting things to make this man or anyone backing him look bad…esp. blacks.

  72. mjisamoron Says:

    How do you think she’s going to have more money in her pocket to pay for her gas and mortgage? Here’s a quick lesson on budgeting…the government has 3 forms of revenue: taxes, issue debt, print more money. If you lower taxes, then you lower tax revenue that the government receives. Now that we’re in an economic recession and people are losing jobs, tax revenue declines even further as the total income of the population declines. So, now we are left with 2 alternatives for government revenue, financing and monetizing by printing money. Well, it seems that many other economies that normally would lend our govt the money are suffering as well so where is this debt financing going to come from especially when the yields are as low as they are now. So what’s the other option? Print more money, which in the end makes everyone worse off for various reasons that I will not discuss in detail.

    Now….lets look at the expenses….this job creation that you speak of…well lets think about this…this will come from an increase in government spending (keep in mind we’re in a budget deficit as it is).

    Please educate yourself and next time look at yourself in the mirror when you say, “Get a fucking clue idiots!”

  73. killguysinties Says:

    How about we off everyone in a tie and start over. All I see is corrupt welcoming new corrupt. All obama will do is clean up georges mess since all he did was start two wars and clean up clintons bullshit. I am glad to see that finally the nigs got their day in the sun. I just wish they had done it more educated. Other thing is why does everyone either think BO is totally wrong or totally right. He is still a goverment employee that is in office to stick it one way to us. My problem is that he completely bullshitted the nigs and poor people into voting for him. He spent his whole acceptance speech backtracking on his promises. I wonder how his campaign would have gone if he promised that he would start change and that he could not give them change tomorrow. Riots may still happen when they see he lied and the results they wanted now are years ahead. Of course socialism is communism in disguise. Those in Idaho will survive on potatoes like the russians. But I do not blame him. He came from the city of crooks and brought crooks into the cabinet with him. How the F*&Y does our new secretary of the treasury that is going to resurect this economy forget to pay his taxes? F me is it so bad he is pinching. Maybe I could do his job then.

  74. John Davis Says:

    At this point, I will take ANYTHING over Bush!


  75. She was saying that things are going to be better under Obama and that she will be able to pay her bills. She is worrying because the economy is in bad shape, gas prices were high, and people are losing their homes. She is not saying that BO willmake the gov’t pay for all that.
    You guys are idiots!

  76. ChicagoBlood Says:


    “She was saying that things are going to be better under Obama and that she will be able to pay her bills.”

    Speaking for myself, I understood her to mean that despite her inclarity, no sin in that. However, with what Obama is currently proposing as a “stimulus” do you really believe that Peggy, you or I will be able to “pay our bills” and that “things will be better under Obama”?

    You and Peggy are in for a rude surprise as the “idiots” have been telling you all along.

    “She is worrying because the economy is in bad shape, gas prices were high, and people are losing their homes.”

    She and you should really talk to Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Ms. Pelosi and the assorted other corrupt nutballs that comprimise the Democrat majority for the latter half of George W.’s term. These assorted nutballs you support blindly despite archival evidence from the New York and L.A. Times documented and posted on this blog of their inherent corruption, looking the other way and stonewalling George W.’s attempts to regulate and head off the Fannie/Freddie meltdown catastrophe you are so rightfully upset about.

    “She is not saying that BO willmake the gov’t pay for all that.”

    What she and you do not understand is that BO is going to make ALL of us pay for the aforementioned corruption. Corruption both parties share in this debacle to be fair but corruption more prominently aligned with the Democrat majority. What’s in this “stimulus” bill? Anything to help you pay down your bills and just how the hell can you spend yourself out of debt? Print more money?

    “You guys are idiots!”

    Hell, I didn’t vote for this unfolding catastrophe that is BO’s administration. I mean, who is vetting this WHs’ administration nominess for tax liabilities and who still believes anything this increasingly apparent incompitent and corrupt administration says?

  77. This woman’s comment reminds me of Katrina, a woman at the dome was complaining about having to eat cold sandwich’s. She said, something like I only eat hot meals, not cold when thousands didn’t have nothing. Where do these people come from?

    The stimulus plan and hidden health care within it, Barney Frank forcing banks to make loans to people who don’t qualify for loans, and unfair media coverage will be shown to be all contributing factors to US fall.

    So you liberal Dem’s think I biased? Are you? Remember Joe the Plumber? Remember how media tore him up for tarnishing Obama? Remember how they tore Joe the Plumber up for not paying 1000 in taxes?

    Now Liberal Dem’s , do you remember how Dashal and the other Obama cabinets TAX CHEATS, were NOT tore up? But Joe was? Is this FAIR?

    Are you Liberal Dem fakes standing up for Joe the Plumber now, saying, hey it was an honest mistake? You fakes.

    All hypocrites should have their names documented in a public database, then if ever our world is invaded by aliens, and the aliens want human species to conduct experiments on or eat, society can feed the documented hypocrites to the aliens first. This will prolong the alien invasion, and clean up the gene pool in our world.

  78. If so many people in this country are opposed to being “socialist” then how in the world did this man get into the White House? The hard working, responsible people who understand where real wealth comes from need to unite and fight this terrible change that is going to destroy America! The only way to pay your bills is to get a job, get off welfare and contribute to society not take, take, take!

  79. [...] not quite the same, but with the personality cult under The One, The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful how long before we have our own Chavista revanchists in the US? The road to serfdom starts [...]

  80. Awesome. Please Mr President, go to my site and click “Donate”. You can give me any amount you like, and it saves you having to worry about fiscal stimulation and tax rebates :-)



  81. Killguysinties Says:

    Whoa pay my mortgage that is your money he is pissing away. Oh well better invest in lead because that is all that will matter when the movie RED DAWN becomes a reality.

  82. Let the president pay for my bills too let the wealthy pay for us i work and struggle to i have bills also i am mentally ill and i do not thrive on the goverment to bail me out what about me to . laughing because there is no free hand outs the rich get richer and the poor man gets poorer. the middle class is not more you are either rich or poor that is it.

    I want job security like anyone else does i want to have my job when i am ill or in the hospital with skitzerfrania or bipolar episodes i want to have my job when i am out of the hospital instead of discriminated against like i am not of the humn race i am a breathing living person likeany one else i just have a issues or problems does not mean i am a leech on the social climate of this countru. Give the mentally ill a chance to to survive and get out of proverty as well.

  83. Wow! Wake up and smell America turning to shit! This stimulus package could be much smaller if they we not trying to payoff all of the democratic supporters for the last 3 elections. Do you think Acorn needs 4million dollars? The list goes on and on. How about the fact that you can have part of your mortgage forgiven or reduced if you are behind. Let’s all stop paying our bills – there is no incentive to. Obama will save us all – bullshit! He will make us work harder to pay our bills and our neighbors. You will see – maybe not today – maybe not tomorrow but this country will be driven into the ground by your votes for CHANGE under Obama!

  84. This kinda relates:

  85. You’re all lazy, I mean seriously you are called the USA but you’re unwilling to work together.

  86. [...] and rely on the benevolence of the government (remember the woman during the campaign who boasted Obama would pay her mortgage and her gas)?.  Yeah.  It doesn’t make sense to me, either. Because the thing about Catholic teaching [...]

  87. [...] 300 guests attended the Obama’s first state dinner – not sure if Peggy Joseph made the guest list. Wonder how much this shindig cost the [...]

  88. Clyde Hughes Says:

    Peggy, after a year of your lordship’s tenure, how’s all that working out for you?

  89. No hope, no change. Just lies upon lies. The guy is a compulsive campaigner, not a leader. He needs to resign or we will vote him out in 2012.

  90. [...] as an endless resource fit only for stealing. (via Instapundit). And I expect that the woman who thought Obama was going to pay her mortgage and buy gas for her a car figured he’d also pay for insurance on both of them. Submit to [...]

  91. [...] being challenged by President Bush to face up to reality and all its challenges. Too many wanted the government to give them free homes and pay for gasoline. Too many were wallowing in a pool of lazy, self indulgence – trying to run from reality [...]

  92. ejidfjweif eif9weif9wef Says:

    WOW this nigger bitch actually believed Obama was real too, it’s okay nigger, just sit there and be a good little slave to Berry Sentoro while we reall conservatives win the freedoms back from the repubdems, we wouldn’t want you to go against one of your fellow communists, BITCH

  93. [...] of our tax policy.  I esepcially like the last suggestion.  Everyone needs to pay something.  We need to get rid of the welfare state.   When people can vote for “free money,” they will do so.  Human nature is to take [...]

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