It’s time to come back….

Over the next few weeks I plan on slowly ramping up my new site, The New School Republican….

look forward to seeing you there….


PS..Headquarters (I.E my kitchen table) has moved from downtown Chicago to South Florida…

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  1. ChicagoBlood Says:

    Well, well, well. He’s back! Where’ve you been Ray? Kept wondering when one of these great moments of the “One” and his ever-dependable sidekick Babbling Joe would propel you to post something up.

    All the same, welcome back. It’s going to be interesting hearing your take on the last 100 or so days.

  2. obamasmama Says:

    I feel change in the air!

    Dummies got what they deserved. Let’s get some momentum to get this idiot out of the white house.

  3. insightanalytical Says:

    Looking forward to your stuff again!!!!

  4. texasdarlin Says:

    I knew I kept you on the blog roll for a reason. Yippee!

  5. MissPolitico Says:

    Looking forward to reading here again Ray – you have been missed – and NEEDED… this gangster government is getting ready to nationalize our financial system completely and I for one am getting very nervous about these thug tactics….

  6. MBidderflee Says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting and waiting. Good to see you writing again.

  7. Bravo, glad to see you back . . . your voice and perspective is needed.

  8. Кстати, если закончаться фото Одри, то можешь в фотошопе старые фото накладывать на новый фон, так и разнообразие будет и ты работать продолжишь

  9. Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

  10. одумайтесь, многотысячная армия Ваших читателей не поймет Вас, не простит!

  11. Ой, благодарю

  12. Зачет, сенкс автору

  13. huh? The teleprompter must be malfunctioning.. многотысячная армия Ваших читателей chage we can believe in.

  14. Everyone’s moving to Florida.

  15. After hearing Obama apologize to the Muslims for the US’s actions, I can say that for the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of the US President and what he represents.

    He is a closet Muslim.

  16. CarlyinNJ Says:

    So glad to hear this news; can’t wait to see the new site!!!

  17. Scranton4Hillary Says:

    Great News! Always loved reading your work. So glad you’ve decided to pick up the pen again!

  18. Penny Clements Says:

    Greetings from Rochester, NY. Great to see that even in Chicago (The “Chosen One’s” home) that there still exists some semblance of sanity! Way to go!!!

  19. Great to have you back

  20. Just happened to drop by – cleaning out my “dead” blogs. Yipppiiieee!!! Thanks for returning. We need you hear more than ever………………..

  21. michelle Says:

    Can we get rid of Obama???!!!!

    • ChicagoBlood Says:

      Hey Michelle, how’ve you been?

      Keep up the hope, looks like the “O” brand is wearing thin.

  22. Wellcome back, I really missed reading your writings, we need you more than ever, greetings from New York.

  23. CarlyinNJ Says:

    Hi All at CAO, awaiting Rays return. Luv this site and know that we will prevail. Blessings2U…;-)

  24. Ray, I’m liking the new site… Just don’t buy any white shoes, OK?

  25. Terrific news….

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  27. Я, хоть и не ваш постоянный читатель, но всё же выскажу свое мнение. На ваш блог попал совсем случайно. Однако узнал много чего нового и интересного. Так что, как говорится, АФФТАР ПЕШИ ИСЧО! :)

  28. Текст лично мне ничего особенного не дал. Хотя для многих он может оказаться очень полезным… :)

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  30. CarlyinNJ Says:

    Hi Ray…

    It is 3/20/2010; the day before the Health Care “Deem and Pass” fiasco is to come down in the US House of Representatives!!

    Today, POTUS Obama is meeting with many of those Congressional Representatives who are resisting voting for the insane HealthCare debacle. I am sure that politics Chicago style” are in full force today in Washington, DC.

    Where are you? Florida…Chicago or elsewhere??? Hope all is well with you!

    I know that many former CAO’ers who followed your site are fighting to stop the insanity presently unfolding in Washington. Would love to hear from you Ray!!

    There is a big Code Red March in Washington DC today protesting the violation of the US Consitution and the attempt to railroad through the Health Care Legislation. A Mega THANKS to all who are there in Washington today fighting for liberty.

    If this HealthCare Legislation is actually illegally signed into law by POTUS Obama the government intends to hire 16,000 new IRS Agents to force all citizens of the US to have their definiton of “proper” healthcare insurance. That is bad enough; but I just wonder what the IRS will be doing next???? Will the IRS become the US version of the KGB???

    This scenario is not out of the realm of possiblity with the US Federal government taking over a huge portion of our lives. I for one do not want to see more control by the Federal government; what do you think??

  31. CarlyinNJ Says:

    There will be an “up or down” vote on the Obama/Pelosi Health Care Legislation (tomorrow) 3/21. The Health Care “Deem and Pass” scheme is dead; thanks to the hard work of all of you Patriots.

    Tomorrow’s YES or NO vote tally is very close so keep on contacting your local representatives along with others who are wavering and/or undecided! We can still stop this mess!!!

    Regarding the very bad idea included in this outrageous “Health Care” Legislation for an IRS Expansion by 16,500 workers and increase in 10 Billion Dollars for the IRS budget in order to ensure MANDATORY COMPLIANCE BY ALL US CITIZENS, this Article written by James Fox from “AmericasNewsOnLine” on March 19th and posted at Prison Planet is very informative:

    James Fox notes that….”The IRS Will Enforce The Obama Healthcare Bill: A new report, released by Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee, detailed information that if the new health care plan becomes law it will greatly increase the work of the Internal Revenue Service. They also say that it will add to the IRS’s heavy hand compared to what it is now.

    More Than 16,000 New IRS Workers Will Be Needed

    The IRS says that the new health care plan will mean additional taxes and penalties. This will require 16,000 new IRS employees in the department. They will include workers to enforce the regulations and collect fees as well as additional agents and auditors. The IRS will be given the authority, according to the Republicans report, to fine a person up to $2500, or two per cent of their income, whichever is great, if the person cannot prove they have purchased a minimum essential health care coverage.
    Powers The IRS Will Have With The New Health Care Reform

    According to the newly released document, prepared by the Republicans, they report the IRS can confiscate a tax refund. Additionally, they suggest that the number of audits conducted each year will increase. During this decade they say the IRS will need additional funding of $10 billion just to administer the new health care program. Further, they contend the IRS might need to hire up to 16,500 additional employees in order to collect, what they anticipate will be, billions of dollars in new taxes from Americans.

    The IRS Will Also Have Other Responsibilities: The report estimates that about half of the new mandated taxes will be paid by Americans who earn less than 300 per cent of poverty. This amounts to $66,150 for a family of four. The report concludes that the Democrats refuse to impose these sames taxes and penalties on illegal immigrants.”

  32. Thank you CarlyinNJ. I am an occasional visitor to this site. Apparently his new site did not work out, but he has been hard from at Hillbuzz, if you don’t know where that is it is located here:

    There are many great patriots on that site which if you look at their history was for Hillary during the last election and then went for McCain rather than following ‘The One’.

    Hope to see you there.

  33. Carly…in case you didn’t know Hillbuzz is located in Chicago.

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  35. Скажите, а можно как-то ник сменить мне?

  36. Thanks for the interesting post.

  37. Hi:

    I still come back here periodically, hoping that you’ve returned. Miss your insight.

  38. I still visit this website also. For some time, I have posted some information about immigration-related corruption. Let’s bring down corruption like a party candy filled “Pinada” that you beat up with a stick!

    The above address takes you to a letter from Mayor Karl Dean in Nashville addressing the pressure he received from the area’s Hispanic Chamber, putting pressure on the Mayor to make Spanish the official language there. The Chamber of Commerce is getting very strange, and recently, they made pages on their website only accessible with a password. I wonder what they need to hide!

    The REAL problem with immigration is that most organizations are crippling the immigrants, putting thoughts of oppression in their minds, instead of letting them assimilate and wait for their immigration process. Such organizations, and most Latin American politicians and leaders DO NOT CARE for Hispanic immigrants or for anyone, and just seek some sort of power. The President of Mexico is no different. He is just stirring up desperate immigrants, and our “Cambio” (Spanish for “change”) Obama is giving the crooks reign. These corrupted sources mobilizing immigrants have been gnawing at our contry for decades, manifesting themselves mostly THROUGH LATIN GANGS. The President of Mexico had some nerve to blame the US recently! Mexicans come from Mexico to the U.S. to get away from crooks like him! And, Mr. “Cambio” should be angry because his American liberal supporters smoke a lot pot and do a lot of drugs, and “Yes”, he should be angry with that pot fog bunch, so wasted, they think Socialism is Romance, so they want to impose it on the U.S. They will find it HOW SOUR DICTATORSHIP is when they sober up!

    The LATIN GANG issue is SERIOUS. Among the many dynamics, the police lets them spread. The LAPD let them spread to the rest of the U.S., with a little push from many Hollywood Liberals who are real tight with the gangs. The GANGS in Florida, thanks to the police, are spreading to other states and cities, including Nashville. Also, get this: employers in Nashville, with pressure from Crippling types of organizations that pretend to help immigrants, are paying big bucks for Rosetta Stone to learn English, so the typical Joe the Plummer has to either pay for the Rosetta Stone, and take time away from his or her family to learn Spanish. These DANGEROUS CRIPPLING types of organizations charge up Hispanic immigrants to EXTREMES so that these immigrants in turn harass to EXTREMES and are disrespectful even towards established Hispanics that have been here from Spain for 5 or 6 generations, and I mean Hispanics that have been American Citizens from birth for 5 or 6 generations and who have helped build this nation. Nashville is just a microcosm of what is happening all over the country! The media is CRAZY LIKE A FOX and are not reporting the public about this gang reality, and with all my respect, I like Fox, the Channel, but the media, the police, and many other entities are permitting this GANG INVASION. These GANGS are terrorists with an Anti-American agenda. All we hear is that the “Cambio” administration is apparently staging some SUV in Manhattan to appear like heroes, DISTRACTING US FROM THE TRUTH. One of the worst terrorist weapons is DISTRACTION. The GANGS are into kidnapping people of all races and walks of life, arsen, murder, torture – RIGHT HERE IN THE U.S., they torture victims Gulag Archipelago style with sleeplessness tactics, etc. THEIR PLAN IS TO MAKE THE ENTIRE US A GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, and Mr. Cambio is allowing this romantic change. The trick is to get those “crippling” organizations to stop “crippling”, “provoking”, and “abusing” the immigrants, and to help make those immigrants aware of the fact that those organizations are fibbing traitors, and users!

  39. Beta:

    One of the most telling comments I heard was from a teenager in Arizona who said, “I didn’t know I was oppressed until I took the (La Raza) course in school.”

    Seems to me if you need to take a course to be suddenly enlightened about your “oppression”, you’re not oppressed, you are easily led and naive!

  40. The art of love is largely the art of persistence.


  41. The New School Republican – is it working properly? cant follow this link

  42. I can see the site – it is working ok, so Камеры Видеонаблюдения – try again!
    Best regards, Натяжные потолки

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  44. CarlyinNJ Says:

    Hi Ray: I hope you are doing good; and are blessed in what ever path you are on. I found your site over 4 years ago and found your writing and work to be so inspirational in the battle to save our nation from the corruption and devastation of the Chicago/Obama Democrat machine. Time has flown by and you are still greatly missed. The courage you had back then was instrumental in helping others to uncover the TRUTH about Barack Obama. In two days, on November 6th, 2012 we have a chance to undo the terrible mistake that took place in November 2008. I hope we will hear from you again; I did look for you on the other sites you mentioned; but to no avail. The many others who came here in the darkest of days are joined together still. We may have felt discouraged at times but we never gave up in believing that one day, Americans would wake up and come to our senses. God Bless You Ray and ALL those who passed by CAO and kept the faith. On Tuesday, 11/6/12, we will elect a new President and Vice-President: ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!

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